AirFlow Solutions

Relite AC ceiling fans are created for optimum performance and highly regarded for its quality and safety features. Made from high quality and anti-corrosion materials, its aerodynamic designed blades promise optimum air delivery, surpassing the industry’s standards. With its powerful & yet energy saving operation, Relite fans are extremely popular with commercial and home users.

Our DC ceiling fans are using the advanced DC technologies which are eco-friendly to our environment. Its aerodynamic blades are designed to create silent and comfortable airflow even at low speed operation. The modern and timeless outlook fits nicely in virtually any room environment.

Our HVLS fans are using the latest Direct Drive motor & Brushless motor technologies which are low in maintenance. They are lighter in weight and work more efficiently, making it more cost effective.

Our Domestic & Industrial fan series, made from durable materials are suitable for all types of environment from indoor to outdoor.

Our Exhaust fans are especially useful for places with stale, impure and very humid environment. Having one improves the air quality by getting rid of the excess moisture, humidity, odours and other pollutants.

Having one of our wall mounted Hair dryers in your bathroom can be of great convenience. Good companion to dry your hair.

Our Automatic Hand dryers are made for quick drying and designed to reduce maintenance cost and provide long service and reliability.

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