Lightning Warning
& Alert Systems

PREVENTIVE ACTION against lightning storms

  • Singapore is an island country which is prone to lightning strikes all year round. With her location laying near the Equator, the weather here is hot and humid create a conditions that are favourable for lightning and thunderstorm clouds. 
    With an average of 168 thunderstorm days per year this make Singapore one of the highest lightnings occurrence in the world.
  • Preventive protection means having information in advance (from a storm detector) that allows the user to start temporary preventive measures before the storm begins. These measures will be deactivated after the storm.
  • Preventive protection will be complementary to an installed Lightning Protection System (LPS) in certain situations, while in others it will be sufficient to act alone.






4 Phases of Lightning Storm

Class A detector:Phase 1-4
Class A detector is based on measuring E-field which can monitor the lightning from its formation until its dissipation.

Class B detector:Phase 2-4
Class B detector is based on detecting electromagnetic wave generated by lightning strikes, which is suitable to monitor nearby or approaching lightnings and give warnings.

Khind Systems provides Class A, Class B and Combined A & B lightning warning solutions for open fields, roof gardens, swimming pools, work sites, playgrounds, etc. Our systems can be customized to send out the warning message by SMS, email, Public Addressing system, siren and strobe light.

Khind Lightning Warning Solution

Khind Systems provides solutions with high accuracy local sensor and also incorporate our solution with NEA lightning monitor system. We provide all automated solution using SMS, siren, strobe light, etc to help clients minimize manpower consumption.

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