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Warranty Info & Registration
1) This guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of original purchase.
2) This card is to be filled in and return to us within 10 days after purchase.
3) This guarantee does not extend to cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear.
4) The guarantee will not apply if the defect has been caused either by faulty/improper
    installation, operation from voltage and frequency and/or in environment outside that of
    which the product was designed. A service charge of $25.00 will be levied.
5) This guarantee does not cover defects arising from abuse, misuse, neglect, accident,
    flood, Acts of God or use in violation of instruction.
6) Installation, wiring by dealer/contractors will not be covered under this guarantee.
7) The defective parts should be returned carriage paid to KHIND SYSTEMS (S) PTE LTD
    for repair. A transportation fee of $30.00 is chargeable for on-site servicing.
8) That our decision on all questions relating to complaints as to defects either of
    workmanship or of materials shall be conclusive and the buyer agrees to abide by such
    a decision. Any equipment or defective part which has been replaced shall become our
    property. In no event shall Khind be liable for any punitive special, incidental, indirect or
    consequential damages resulting from purchase or use of the product.